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email to Bean-Bean!!
Dear all,
Sydney is a good place for people to live,but I do not like.Cause half time of my time always rain.
Yesterday,I went to Olympic Park,there is a Easter Show there.I took some photos and ate trash food(Potato chip,Fruit salad,Hot dog on roll,Beef pie...etc).There is also Children's playground,Clowns around you,Car racing,Robot show(Eat cars & spit out fire),Disney Land Show,Vegetable & fruit exhibition,Australia Defence show(Navy,Air force system and solider..)and sheep,chicken, horse cattle & parrot competitions.I spent 5 hours to see around & taste free foods.
Olympic park is not so far,jsut take 30 mintues from Town Hall to there.In the rail,I talk with a Quenseland(I forgot how to spell it,you know the milk powder's name-Ancor,???@##$)family,they are so interesting,not like Sydney people.Their pronunciation is totally different to Sydney,but I can accept.From this talking,I realize something about their life style and family care.Pretty interesting,does it?Like my last time I talk to a lovely - French girl. After couple weeks,there is a symphony in Sydney Opera House.They perform "four season",I will be an attendance.Last night,I have seen a completed "Les' Miserable" program from UK-TV channel.Althought that just on TV,it is still better than Taiwan's performance, so many vocal actors complete this fabulous opera.The theme is also professional and producer tell something about his emotional express.....etc.I can not believe that I should have a recorder to take whole program for you. "See is to believe",right?
Hope next time,I will explore somthing new here. "See you next time,I am Jacky & broadcates in Sydney!"
Best Regards,
Jacky Apr 5,99'
Dear All,
Today,the weather is so great than last 2 raining days.I visit IMAX threater to see T-Rex.It is a really fantastic 3D movie,hope you can get some from this URL it just play 50 min,shock my ears & eyes for a while then I come back to the real world.Everything seems behind to your 3D glasses. Is it pretty funny,isn't it?
Tomorrow, I will attend in Easter day's festival.
My homestay Mum has send me a box of chocolate(the feature is an egg),they called Magic Seed Egg.I do not know what will happen tomorrow,but Australians like to release their work pressure in public holidays.
Next few days,I will find a ISP for me to receive your Chinses and voice mail.My homestay's PaPa & MuM, very easy going people,will support me the phone call.
Tell you an unbelievable thing,that is,a local phone call in Australia just take $Au 0.25 dollars.So I can use unlimited internet connect until hang off the phone.Do not worry my E-mail fee,just care about my internation call,it is very expensive from here to Taiwan.
Talk to you late,
Jacky Apr 4,99'
Dear all,
There is a nice way to keep in touch with this website.I can read chinese word & get well service in Sinanet.Now,I use Sinanet & Hotmail E-mail address.
Sorry to bother again,but anything seems already settle up(get ready). I have sent postcard for everyone.If you receive this mail,please reply mail to me.Because I write E-mail from hotmail,it seems fail to send. Today,I visited as following,
Sydney Opera House & museum of contemporary art. Australians like to talk,I learned so many things from them.Especially,their aboriginal culture & music.If you visit Daring harbour, you will have a nice trip in ferry or train to see around the sea side & taste delicious food from different countries.
Hope you will like my essay.Ha....Ha....
Jacky Apr 2,99'
Dear Amy,
Thx for your service.Lately,I will leave some msg for guys. Sydney seems like Taiwan & I can do lots of things like.
Let me inquire after everybody and miss them so much.You do really complete me.Darlin harbour & harbour bridge is so lovely.I like sml size of salad & China town's laksa(spicy noodle).... n...n..pretty interesting,does not it? The railsystem here is so convenient.This friday to next monday is their easter day.I have enrolled a activity to take rail to visit sub-urban view.
I used to receive 3 sites E-mail.If you wanna E-mail me in Chinese your can try this or in english. Because can read chinese so I do not wanna use it.Keep in touch!
Jacky Apr 1,99'
P.S You may forward this mail to guys.3Q!